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Canon 8073B003 DR A3 Scanner


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The Canon 8073B003 DR A3 Scanner is a special document scanner capable of scanning numerous pages very quickly and efficiently. It is developed by Canon to display high performance and high quality at an affordable price. This scanner is capable of both colourless and coloured scanning of A3 sized pages. It is capable of using USB 2.0 technology thus eliminating the need for a network connection or direct laptop/pc connection. The colour depth employed by this device is 24 bit along with an 8 bit grey scale depth. The Canon 8073B003 DR A3 Scanner is able to use an optical resolution of 600 dpi x 600 dpi. This device is capable of scanning A3 pages at a rate of 130 ppm (pages per minute). This product does not consume a lot of power however it is relatively heavy thus used primarily with network or desktop computers where it can remain stationary for extended periods of time. This is to avoid the hassle of lifting the device all the time.

Key Features

USB 2.0 capability

Capable of scanning A3 pages at high speed of 130 ppm

Scan optical resolution of 600 dpi x 600 dpi

24 bit colour depth

A 8 bit grey scale depth


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