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Canon 3923B003 DR Flatbed Scanner


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The Canon 3923B003 DR Flatbed Scanner is a special document scanner capable of scanning numerous pages very quickly and efficiently. It is developed by Canon to display high performance and high quality at an affordable price. This scanner is capable of both colourless and coloured scanning of multiple types of A4 sized pages. The scan speed for A4 pages is 20 pages per minute for both normal and coloured pages. The total number of pages that can be inputted at a single time are 1000 pages in a day. The Canon 3923B003 DR Flatbed Scanner is able to cater for a total scan size of 216 by 356 mm (216 x 356 mm). This device unlike some others employs the flatbed style of scanning. In addition this device is able to use an optical resolution of 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi. This product does not consume a lot of power and is relatively light weight thus making it easy to transport and move around the business or household.

Key Features

USB 2.0 Interface Type Capability

Capable of scanning multiple types of A4 pages

Scan Size of 216 x 356 mm

Input space of 1000 pages per day

A4 scan speed of 20 ppm


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