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0S03400 Hitachi 4 TB External Hard Disk Drive


Brand:              Hitachi

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The 4 TB Hitachi 0S03400 External Hard Drive gives all the storage space you want for your movies, pictures, music and documents. The stackable, desktop design and lightning fast USB 3.0 interface allows data transfer rates to enhance performance and reduce time delay for file transfer so would never have to wait again. The Hitachi 0S03400 hard drive is multi-system compatible and can thus, work on computer systems running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. With Tera Bytes of data available, you can freely keep as much data as you want, with no fear of data loss with the Hitachi 4 TB 0S0400 External Hard Drive providing the necessary backup solution to you.

Key Features

Large 4 TB data storage capacity

Very Fast 5400 RPM spindle speed

Dimensions of 129 x 183 x 60 mm (W x H x D)

3.5 inch disk size

Support for Mac devices

Bundled backup software

AC power adapter.

Fast USB 3.0 interface.


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